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Top 100 Most Valuable Brands 2011

The WPP comissioned BrandZ report for the Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2011 has been released and here is a video documenting the countdown from last to first place.

There has been plenty of movement this year, in particular, from Apple who rose almost 85% on the back of the iPad to become the worlds most valuable brand, while Google managed to lose 2% dropping to second place, with a value just over $110 Billion USD.

For those who are interested in a little more than just the Top 100 Most Valuable Brands for 2011, the report breaks everything down by industry and region, while also providing some interesting opinion from industry leaders along the way.

Just launched!! BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands. Download full report


More Life in the Dark: iAd

Here’s the first iAd from Diageo UK’s brand Guinness and it looks pretty damn good. This is part of a larger multi-platform digital campaign ‘There’s More Life in the Dark’. The campaign aims to inspire users to enjoy a great night out! Guinness have released this promotional video, created byTullo Marshall Warren, to demonstrate how to engage with the iAd.

Anti-Fur iAd Campaign

I know these topics usually cause all sorts of debate, but hold that for just a moment, and enjoy this smart little “mock” iAd for VGT (an association combating animal factories in Austria) in an iPad magazine called Datums. The iAd features a girl modeling a large fur coat, but as you go to swipe past the ad, it leaves a blood mark on the page, when you swipe again, the iAd releases more and more blood onto the page, followed by the associations anti-fur message.

Fiat: iPhone App Case Study

Here’s a great iPhone app from Leo Burnett Madrid. To promote the new Fiat Punto Evo to a tech savy target market they came up with this mobile app that treats road signs like QR Codes. By capturing the signs with the app, users get information on various features of the Evo. For example; a stop sign will tell the user all about the new breaking system, a curve ahead sign will tell the user that the car has an intelligent lighting system that guides you in curves. For added incentive Street Evo was also a game, hundreds of prizes were hidden in the traffic signs, the first ones to discover them won the prize!

With a small budget Fiat managed to create their largest ever outdoor campaign with over 1,000,000 traffic signs being spotted on week one. The app also directed people to their nearest Fiat dealer via GPS which saw an 82% increase in test drives. What a great way to showcase all the new features of the Fiat Punto Evo.

Renault Pushes Facebook “Likes”

For the Amsterdam Motorshow “AutoRAI” in 2011, Renault set out to empower car fans to “Like” specific cars as they experienced them live at the show. Guests were prompted to activate a free RFID card and branded lanyard at the Renault Facebook Check-in desk, then connect their Facebook account details to be stored on the card.

Each Renault car was accompanied by a RFID scanning station that was hooked up to an iPad. The scanning stations prompted you to “Like” the car by swiping the RFID card, essentially posting that car and associated content to your FB wall in real time. It reminds me of a campaign I posted from Coca-Cola in Israel this time last year, called the Coca-Cola Village, which was a waterpark that used RFID wrist bands to post each activity or slide to the Facebook walls of everyone at the event. I’m pretty sure that was the very first time that RFID had been integrated with Facebook.

iPad 2 Official Introduction

Once you pick up iPad 2, it’ll be hard to put down. That’s the idea behind the all-new design. It’s 33 percent thinner and up to 15 percent lighter, so it feels even more comfortable in your hands.2 And it makes surfing the web, checking email, watching movies, and reading books so natural, you might forget there’s incredible technology under your fingers.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs iPhone App

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs State of Kuwait (MOFA) released an iPhone app today on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr. I’m impressed that they actually released an iPhone app but I would rather have a Ministry of Interior app which would allow me to save my two cars in it and have it automatically check daily if any of my cars received speeding tickets and then warn me with a pop up notification and a beep. Ok maybe that’s asking too much but still a nice little app that would allow me to check my traffic violations conveniently would be pretty cool. Here is the link to the app [Link]

Here are the links to my two apps:

Kuwait Blogs

Update: Just noticed something funny in the app. When you click on the Embassy Search link you get a list of countries… but they’re not in alphabetical order. I actually can’t think of an order they’re listed in. I thought they were listed by Kuwait’s favorite countries but if that was the case USA and UK would be higher. By popularity? Don’t think so since Egypt would be much higher on the list. Distance? Nope. Random? Don’t think so since the first few countries are GCC countries. Can anyone figure it out? Here is the way they’re listed:

Saudi Arabia



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